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*We offer variety of quality puppy clothes*


Welcome to my site, if you see anything you like, feel free to e-mail me with the item number (CC**) and the size you want along with your contact information, then I'll get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you!

Prefer all orders to be submitted throught e-mail and use PayPal(It's easy to register). as payment method. Shipping and handling is $(2) for one item. For more than one item, additional $1 will be added per item.

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Item#: CC01
Price: $25
Size: 14
Item#: CC02
Price: $20
Size: 14
Item#: CC03
Price: $18
Size: 16 &18
Item#: CC04
Price: $18
Size: 14 &16
Item#: CC05
Price: $16
Size: 14, 18
Item#: CC06
Price: $16
Size: 14, 18
Item#: CC07
Price: $16
Size: 10
Item#: CC08
Price: $16
Size: 10 &12
Item#: CC09
Price: $14
Size: 12
Item#: CC10
Price: $14
Size: 14 & 16
Item#: CC011
Price: $12
Size: 16
Item#: CC12
Price: $12
Size: 12 & 14

Suggestion: The following size number fits the following dog size.
Size 8 fits
Size 10 fits
Size 12 fits
Size 14 fits
Size 16 fits 9-12lbs
Size 18 fits 12-15lbs

However, the different sizes are flexible
My dog shows in the pictures is 8lbs. (^_^)!!

Feel free to e-mail me with the dog's measurements if you're unsure.

*Sorry, no return and exchange due to final sale. However, it’s guarantee with great item.